Italiaoutdoors Travel Planning Service

Over our years on the ground leading cycling and walking tours of Italy, we have developed expertise in planning unique tours featuring authentic venues and activities. We have a wide network of contacts in the accommodation, transport, and culinary/food and wine areas not found in guide books. For those looking for an independent tour of Italy, we offer our expertise in planning your adventure.


Our services include:

Service Description
Travel Planning by Italiaoutdoors Italiaoutdoors learns the details of your group, budget, expectations for distance, terrain. We identify trip flow, daily routes, hotels, transfers. A detailed final package includes route details, all bookings documented with location, contact numbers, confirmation information; travel information for your trip, and a 1 hour Skype session with us to review everything with you.
Accommodations As a tour operator, we visit these hotels regularly and get best pricing. We also contact hotel multiple times to reconfirm booking as your trip approaches.
Bike Rental The quality of rental bikes in Italy varies widely. We will provide bikes from our personal fleet that we maintain regularly, or from partner providers where we can insure the quality. We will ask you to complete a form detailing the size and geometry of your bike, and we will provide a bike matched as close as possible to your personal bike.
Bike Delivery Fee We will bring our bikes to you at your first hotel, and pick them up at the end.
Transfers to/from airport or train to first stop We book with licensed and insured transport companies. We reconfirm transfers just prior to your tour.
Luggage transfers We book with licensed and insured transport companies. We reconfirm transfers just prior to your tour.
Bike Routes Routes designed to your specific requirements for length, terrain. GPX files and maps for your routes, including check points, water points and food stops, route profiles, points of interest. This covers the cost of us personally riding the route to verify its condition and the accuracy of the GPX.
Bike Case Storage If you decide to bring your personal bike, we will come to your first hotel and pck up your bike cases, store them while you ride, and deliver them to you at the end of your tour.
Activities Cooking classes, private winery tours, producer visits, private city tours - you let us know, we will organize. We also suggest based on your interests.


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